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Research & Development

As the name suggests, JPM Silicon is all about silicon. To be more precise, silicon for solar cells and thus green solar power. Based on a new process for obtaining silicon, we now cover the entire recycling cycle of silicon-based solar modules. From second-life solutions for disused solar modules, the subsequent recycling of the solar modules, to the recycling of the silicon. Research and development are therefore part of our DNA, so that we are active in various research projects together with partners.  

Our research projects
along the value chain

Quartz & Carbon

Kohle und Quarz

Quartz (SiO2) and carbon are the raw materials for silicon production. Together with partners, we are developing a unique raw material test in order to increase resource and energy efficiency.

Metallurgical Silicon

metallurgisches Silizium

Today, silicon is extracted from quartz and coal in electric arc furnaces. We are researching new, energy-efficient production processes and the use renewable raw materials.

Solar Silicon


Metallurgical silicon is purified in technically and energetically complex processes to produce silicon with a purity of at least 99.99999%. The silicon usually obtained via the so-called Siemens process is also known as polysilicon.


Silizium Barren

Only a perfect crystal structure makes it possible to generate electricity from solar cells. Silicon is therefore processed into blocks or single crystals.

Silicon Wafers

Silizium Wafer

Currently our focus is on the recycling of the sawing waste, whereby we continuously develop our technologies.

Solar Cells


Doped accordingly and fitted with contacts, the wafer becomes a solar cell. Here we are researching new manufacturing processes for the production of solar cells on the moon.

Solar Panels


In addition to silicon, solar modules contain a large number of valuable raw materials such as glass, plastics, metals and precious metals. With our spin off SOLAR MATERIALS and together with the IWF of the TU Braunschweig we are developing a unique recycling process.

Green Electricity

ladendes Elektroauto

Solar power ultimately drives electric cars or is used to produce green hydrogen in industry. Here, too, we are developing efficient technologies with our partners.

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