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Based on the technologies and solutions we have developed, we are looking for motivated founding teams to bring our ideas to the market. For us, the classic path to the founding team is via an internship, final thesis, first job and foundation. Thanks to our technical expertise and founding experience, we accelerate start-ups and support young companies in the initial phase with everything that should not be the focus, so that the teams can concentrate fully on their product or technology. In total, we now employ more than 30 motivated employees at three locations.  

Better Sol

Not all disused solar modules have to be recycled immediately, so our value chain of photovoltaic recycling begins with Better Sol GmbH from Braunschweig. Disused solar modules are checked, evaluated and, if possible, given a second life. The modules are available from our own online shop or through direct sales.

Team Better Sol
Gründungsteam Better Sol


Founded in the summer of 2021, SOLAR MATERIALS GmbH is now building the first plant for recycling solar modules at its headquarters in Magdeburg. Financed by venture capital, the company recovers all the raw materials from a solar module economically and is therefore a service provider for the disposal of solar modules and a supplier of recycling raw materials. 

Gründungsteam Solar Materials
Gründungsteam Solar Materials

Circular Silicon

With Circular Silicon Europe GmbH, a recycling company specializing in silicon raw materials, our value chain is complete. Silicon comes from various sources such as production waste or disused solar modules and is refined through various processes and sold as recycled silicon.

Team Circular Silicon
Gründungsteam Circular Silicon

Group of Companies

Weltkarte mit Standorten in Deutschland und Hongkong

JPM Silicon GmbH

Research & Developmentt

Circular Silicon Europe GmbH

Recycling of silicon

Better Sol

Distribution of 2nd Life solar modules

Braunschweig, Germany

Circular Silicon Ltd.

Recycling of silicon

Hong Kong, S.A.R. China


Recycling of solar modules

Magdeburg, Germany

In the group of companies we combine technology development and quartz glass trading in Braunschweig with the construction of the first silicon recycling plant in Asia.

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