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Whether in the implementation of our own ideas, in research projects with science and industry or as a development partner and consultant, we want to make the world a little greener with our ideas. Founded out of science, we are a research-based company and actively participate in new ideas. 

SilverKey (2021-2022)


Because silver is by far the most valuable component of a solar panel, silver recovery is key to economical solar panel recycling. The aim of the "SilverKey" project, funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation, was therefore to investigate a cost-effective and industrially scalable process for recovering all the raw materials contained in a solar module, especially silver. The devethermo-mechanical process has proven to be cost-effective and robust and laid the foundation for the founding of SOLAR MATERIALS GmbH.  

SoMo (2022-2024) 


The establishment of a lunar base is considered the next major step in space travel on the road to further space exploration. However, without an adequate power supply, the establishment of a permanent lunar base is not possible. In cooperation with the TU Berlin, JPM Silicon is working on a new process for the production of silicon solar cells from lunar dust in order to finally produce solar cells on the moon and thus ensure an energy supply. The aim of the project is to produce a first solar cell from lunar regolith, which is provided as a simulant by the Technical University of Berlin and processed into glass. The project is funded by the Deutsches Luft- und Raumfahrtzentrum (DLR).

Parsival (2023-2024)


After Germany, Italy is one of the first major European recycling markets. In the PARSIVAL project, JPM Silicon supports ways of recycling the recovered silicon in cooperation with the start-up 9-Tech. Concepts for using silicon as an alloying element, for the production of silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries and as a raw material for new polysilicon for solar cells are being examined. 

Kreis (2023-2028)

The circular economy places new demands on the professional and working world. That is why JPM Silicon, together with SOLAR MATERIALS and a large consortium of partners from the Technical University of Braunschweig, is dedicating itself to designing this new working environment. The focus is on setting up a competence center in the south-eastern Lower Saxony region, which specializes in investigating work design measures in the circular economy.

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